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Mizar32 B (256KB Flash)

Mizar32 B (256KB Flash)


The Mizar32 B is a low-cost Stackable Multi-Board Computer designed and produced under a Free Hardware Licence by SimpleMachines.

It is composed of a base module with an Atmel AVR32 AT32UC3A0256 system-on-chip processor running at 66 MHz with 32MB of SDRAM, 64KB SRAM, 256KB of flash memory, SD card slot, USB port and JTAG connector. A range of add-on boards can be stacked on its bus connectors to provide a serial port, a character-based LCD display, VGA/mouse/keyboard/audio board, ethernet and battery-backed real-time clock as well as the bare "protoboards" to make your own custom hardware addons.

It runs eLua or PicoLisp as its standard software, allowing fast production of custom solutions.

The Mizar32 B is shipped with PicoLisp interpreter programmed into flash, including support for the optional TCP/IP networking module.

Mizar32 can also be programmed by the end user with different, customised versions of eLua, PicoLisp or with FreeRTOS or with your own stand-alone programs.


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