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VGA-Propeller Module

VGA-Propeller Module


The VGA-propeller board is a powerful Mizar32 add-on that displays ANSI text and graphics on VGA monitors.

It is powered by a Parallax Propeller processor and has an audio chip, 3.5mm mic and headphone sockets, and PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse.

The Propeller comes pre-programmed with PROPTERM, which does the VGA emulation, but this board can be used also for Propeller development.

It features:

  • 4 2x5-pin 2.54mm headers connected to the Propeller for easy prototyping
  • High-speed SPI RAM shared between AVR32 and Propeller
  • Hardware communication with the AVR32 on serial port 1 or SPI.

The SimpleMachines web site has a hardware map.


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