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VGA-Propeller Module VGA-Propeller Module €33.00
Mini USB 2.0 cable - 1.8m Mini USB 2.0 cable - 1.8m €1.98
Mizar32 C (128KB Flash) Mizar32 C (128KB Flash) €18.50
Ethernet RTC Module Ethernet RTC Module €21.82
Protoboard SMD Protoboard SMD €5.90
Micro SD Card 4GB Micro SD Card 4GB €7.02
7.5V 2.0A Power Supply 7.5V 2.0A Power Supply €9.09
Mizar32 B (256KB Flash) Mizar32 B (256KB Flash) €24.50
Protoboard PHT Protoboard PHT €5.80

4star is an electronic mall wich provide simple and practical technologies to the masses.

Embedded interfaces as well as computers and other second life IT hardware end of lease.

This site aims to serve Italian, European and worldwide customers as a reference network for all electronics enthusiasts, both professional and amateur. We offer interfaces and electronic devices capable of spreading low-cost technology, competitively priced and offering a punctual and precise service.

We can also offer a wide range of high quality components to all companies that deal with electronic components or use any type of electronic component in their production cycle (ICs, connectors, displays, PCBs, oscillators and passive components).

More Information

Go to SimpleMachines website.

What is SimpleMachines: SM is a Social Promotion and no-profit Association that develop open hardware and open source software. Ist member are located worldwide with headquater in Catania Italy.  PSX S.r.l. is one the manufacturer of SM Open Hardware and SimpleMachines R&D team main financial supporter.